Orange County Drug Rehabs And Treatment Centers

Orange County is the second most populous county in California with an estimated 3 million residents ranking below Los Angeles County and above San Diego in terms of population. Overall it is the sixth most populous county in the United States. Orange County is unique in that there are no major metropolitan areas as compared with other populous counties such as Los Angeles County. The largest city in Orange County is Anaheim with Santa Ana coming close second. Irvine is reported to the fastest growing city in Orange County. All in all there are 34 incorporated cities in Orange County.

Orange County sometimes called the “American Riviera” is home to Disneyland and some of the best beaches in United States along 40 miles of coastline south of Los Angeles. Besides being a tourism mecca, Orange County California can also claim to have some of the finest drug and alcohol rehabs in the United States. According the SAMSHA directory of drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the USA, Orange County has a total of 92 registered programs in their directory which translates to one rehab for every 33,261 persons.

When considering drug or alcohol treatment alternatives in Orange County, residential or live-in and outpatient or office visits are the two major choices. According to the directory of US drug and alcohol treatment programs,  San Diego rehabs Orange County has 57 programs which offer outpatient treatment and 41 programs with residential services. Residential services are further classified as either short term or long term. Short term residential treatment is a program where the client stays at the facility for 30 days or less. Some programs offer both short term and long term residential care.

Most drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities in Orange County are located outside major urban centers and therefore a better place to separate from hustle and bustle of city life to detox and recover. In fact many rehab centers have “beach days” where residents can spend a day at the beach relaxing away from the influences of drugs and alcohol found in urban centers at one of the many local beaches open year round.

Besides having one of the best year round climates, Orange County also is a center of some of the most innovative and effective drug addiction programs in the United States that focus not just on the physical aspect of addiction but also the nutritional, psychological, social and spiritual components so important to restoring health and well-being to those damaged by the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse. Also, many programs have established working relationships with the many excellent medical facilities in the area to help with monitoring and support during the critical withdrawal period from drugs and/or alcohol that can be a major cause of relapse.

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment for a drug and alcohol issue, consider one of the many treatment centers located Orange County California to help break the vicious cycle of alcohol and drug addiction.

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