Clinical And Regulatory Intelligence in The Time of COVID-19

As the world is passing through a difficult phase with the onset of this COVID-19 pandemic, it is showing its long lasting impact on various sectors including healthcare. Till date regulatory approvals have not yet met with any delays but chances are extremely high when it comes to meetings and communications related to regulations. The greater impact has resulted out of social distancing and the bans on travel which is hindering the process of vendor selection and even in the process of clinical trials. In such a situation, there is only one sphere that currently has not been hampered to that extent and those are the clinical and regulatory intelligence software’s those are cloud based and technologically driven.

covid 19 guinee Initially the primary shift was difficult and is not yet completely done. Still, the data that is being circulated is up to date and might be of great help to all those manufacturers who are trying to bring their products to the market in a shorter period of time. VISTAAR utilizes its artificial intelligence to the utmost thereby collecting all the recent regulations that are being put forth by the various regulatory authorities from the across the world. The main aim at this point of time is to work together and to create a central repository of regulatory intelligence for manufacturers and researchers from all across the world. It is during these tough times, if every regulatory and clinical details is made available at one place from all the regulatory authorities then it might turn out to be beneficial by saving their time and energy which can be invested in the preparatory works. Moreover, this would have an added advantage in accelerating the process of research and manufacturing in such a situation where detecting and treating those with COVID-19 is of utmost important.

So it is essential that even during this tough situation we maintain regulatory compliance. At the same time we need to remember that the manual processes of application and approval are steadily getting replaced through the software based processes. These are of immense help during the times of social distancing and lockdown where manual tasks have come almost to a standstill. Thereby, increasing the reliance on software based services. The regulatory strategy that is primarily being highlighted now more dependent on regulatory intelligence and clinical intelligence software . So, the best move now is to remain at per with the authority regulations create a strong bond so that multiple organizations can facilitate from one another.


VISTAAR is AI-powered Clinical & Regulatory Intelligence solution that delivers unprecedented slashes in biopharmaceutical and regulatory costs and minimizes your risk of non-compliance in all jurisdictions or countries or markets you operate in.

VISTAAR uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to achieve the smartest and most efficient automation possible to capture global biopharmaceutical and regulatory data. It alerts users with clinical updates, notifications, and regulatory changes that may create compliance risks and challenges to their business. VISTAAR acquires Clinical & Regulatory Intelligence through the collection, aggregation, analysis, and interpretation of information which enables timely data-driven, decision-making, and rapid remediation.

Over many years, VISTAAR has built deep insight into the impact of clinical & regulatory change on life sciences industry, and we are uniquely positioned to ensure that you respond to global clinical and regulatory changes in the most likely way to stay compliant.

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