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Laptop batteries are all very hard to buy and it is very difficult to find the perfect brand for them. But recently HP Compaq has launched their new range of laptop battery which is simply an amazing art of technology. The HP Compaq invested their money and years of experience in making these advanced technology laptop batteries. The research team did a lot of testing and hard work to actually make this project come true. The new laptop battery made by HP are amazingly good. They not only have the vision but also the intelligence to materialize the whole thing and give it a beautiful picture. The brands which have already been into batteries manufacturing are good but the hp battery are the best.

The problems that existed with the current laptop batteries were that they were only compatible with a particular charger and not with all the chargers. So, the compatibility of the battery with charger was to be set before buying which was a cumbersome task. The run time of battery depended upon the number of the cells. The more the number of cells, the more power it would require to get charged which in turn increased the maintenance charges of these batteries. The batteries did not have any certification which did not give an assurance of them being safe to use. The batteries were not made to go through stringent testing so they had the possibility to fail at various levels at customer’s end. The batteries also had a problem that if the user didn’t charge these for a particular time period after complete discharging, these batteries took a very long time to get recharged.

All the above problems were addressed while making the HP Compaq batteries. These battery have been testing with a wide range of laptop chargers and are specially designed to work over the specified wide range. The run time of these batteries was made prolonged using a special technology. These battery have a long run time even when the processing is very high. These batteries come in two variants depending on the number of cells. The cells do not take a lot of power to charge as these are five star rated in terms of electrical appliances. The HP Compaq battery have CE certification and are UL listed which make them safe for use in every situation. The testing of these batteries by the quality assurance team is so strict which makes this product hassle free and very durable at customer’s end. The charging time is very fast even if the battery is fully discharged. The power it requires to get charged is very less which in turn saves a lot of energy.

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